What Men Want in Women They Are Dating

There are plenty of debates as to what men want in the women they date and have relationships with. You probably have known some of those women that really don’t seem to be anything special but they’re never without a date, and the men they date are pretty hot.

The big question comes in what do men see in these women? Part of the answer comes with regard to the type of man that is being attracted to these women. A mature man that’s grounded on all levels will want to find a woman for a real relationship. So what does a REAL man want in a woman?

1. Real men want women that are playful. Something that drives men wild and encourages a deeper connection is simply playing. Men enjoy being playful. They were taught to connect with others through action. Sadly, most women seem to forget or not know about that and try to talk their way into a relationship. Remember, that it’s not your words that will attract a man. It’s the experiences that you make with him. Things like playing or watching sports together will get his attention must faster.

2. Real men want women that are independent. A lot of women believe that men want a “weak” woman that makes them feel powerful and smart. This couldn’t be more false. A real man wants a woman that inspires them because of the awesome things she’s got happening in her life. They want women with purpose other than just being in a relationship. Real men aren’t intimidated by success and independence. In fact, they’re drawn to it. Don’t make him your world and drop your own responsibilities, interests and friends. But when you’re with him, BE with him.

3. Real men want emotionally mature women. When you attract a man, eventually you’re going to disagree on something. A mature woman doesn’t criticize or blame a man for the way she feels. She shares her feelings honestly so that a man can understand her better. This makes her more attractive to a real man. The way a woman handles her emotions is something that men look for when deciding if they’re going to get serious or not.

4. Real men want women they’re intensely attracted to. Men aren’t afraid of committing to a relationship. They’re afraid of being stuck in a relationship with a woman where there’s no real passion. Common ways women kill men’s attraction to them is through trying too hard or assuming the relationship is serious too soon. Just relax and let things happen as they’re meant to.

If you truly want to attract a real man into your life for a relationship, be playful, independent, passionate, and emotionally mature. Keep things fun and passionate in the relationship from the very beginning.

There’s nothing more attractive to men than women that know to have fun and relax. Just do some playful teasing, humor, being unpredictable and good old fashion flirting. You’ll be amazed at how many high quality men you’ll attract in this way.


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