When Should You Go Away With Someone for the First Time?

Timing is important in relationships. You need to figure out when you should kiss for the first time, when to cook dinner for the two of you the first time, and, of course, when you should have sex for the first time. These are things that need to be assessed because doing them too fast can ruin a good thing before it even gets off the ground.

It can also be disastrous if you wait too long as well. This can cause doubt in the person that you’re dating as to how you really feel about them. Even though you may have done all of the other things, you may still need to decide when it’s a good time to go away with someone for the first time.

The reason that this is important even after you’ve already slept with someone is because while you may have spent the night with them, going away with someone is a bit different. You’ll be spending a full 2 or 3 days with this person. You’ll be going to bed with them at night and waking up with them in the morning. They are going to see you without makeup and with messy hair. You’re going to be with them when your morning breath is at its very worst. This is a very intimate time and you need to be sure the timing is right for it to happen.

First of all, before deciding if it’s the right time to go away with someone, think about what stage your relationship is at. How many dates have you been on? Have you at least kissed each other? What about sex? Have you had it yet? Is the connection forming and turning into something even deeper?

Obviously, if you’ve just started dating this person, you don’t want to rush things. If you have one date and then suggest a trip away, they are going to think that you’re easy or desperate or both. That’s not the impression you want to give someone that you think may be a promising relationship for you. They might go away with you immediately if they think you’re easy, but you most likely won’t hear from them ever again once you return.

Now, on the other hand, if you’ve been dating for a while, have gotten to know each other pretty well, and have already had sex, it may be time to take things to the next level. If you’re unsure about whether it’s the thing to do or not, talk to them about it and see what sort of reaction you get. Ask them what their thoughts are on the matter. It’s usually better if that first trip away together is a joint decision and not just something that you plan and expect them to go along with.

When you and your new partner have your very first romantic getaway, perfect planning and the perfect time will ensure that it will be a time to enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

4 tips for online dating tips for women

Online dating is a very common way of meeting people. Many singles are trying out online dating services. To make most out of your online dating experience, you should keep the following things in mind.

Setting up profile

You should get help to set up your profile, if necessary. Profile is a very important aspect of online dating. Most women rely on friends to help them with setting the online profile.  The profile will say everything about you, and it is the first thing other people will look at when they visit the site.

Don’t assume that it’s going to be easy

It is not easy to find a date. The date is like a job interview. Like you, many people are looking for online dates. The place is competitive, and it’s not easy to find the right match.

Don’t fall for any person you meet first

You shouldn’t jump into a relationship. You shouldn’t just fall for anyone you first encounter. You should do your research before making any dating commitment.

Be yourself

You should be yourself, and not be someone else. You shouldn’t show off and tell lies. You should be just the way you are so that people can see the real you.

The first impression is important. You may not like the first person you meet. In such case, you should move on and find someone else. It’s complex to find the right person to spend the life with. So, you should go slow and make wise decisions when it comes to online dating.

5 tips for writing a perfect profile for your online dating site

When you look for an online date, the profile is an important factor. Good photos are important as well, but people would like to know more about you than how you look. Here are some tips for writing a great online dating site profile.

A snapshot of your life

You should describe your prominent features and positive character traits. You should choose three to four adjectives to describe your personality. You should write what you care about. You shouldn’t describe your job much.

The character of the person you want to meet

You must mention what kind of person you want to meet. You shouldn’t be very specific; just mention generally what kind of features you are looking for a partner. You should focus on the values, likes, etc.

Tell how you live your life

When you mention that you like to travel, you should give an example of the last trip you had. This will show what kind of traveler you are. If you like eating food, you can mention the types of food or restaurant you like. These details give a better picture of what kind of person you are.

Leave out the negatives

You should not mention anything negative. Negative words are very unattractive. It is important to attract people through your profile. So, you should focus on using positive words.

Tell a story

Your profile must tell a story. It must capture your personality. By reading your profile, the person must know how you are as a person. This will help the person understand if you are the right match or not.

If you have a generic profile, then it won’t say much about you. It may also portray you in the wrong way. So, you should have a quality profile on your online dating site.

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5 reasons why you pay for online dating

There are many online dating sites available. With some many sites offering free services, it’s very natural to ask why you should join the paid dating sites. Here are the reasons why you should pay for online dating.


The free sites don’t have many resources. The paid sites, on the other hand, have the latest tools. You will benefit from cutting edge services with the paid online sites. These sites have clever navigation, smart design, good search tools, and more. You will get a better user experience.


By paying for memberships, you will get an assurance that the sites are checked for quality. You will have your email inbox. So, you can chat safely and can give out personal information only when you are ready.

Compatibility tests

To search a partner, you need to know more than the person’s postcode and age. You will need to know about the person’s interests and shared values as well. Paid sites add lots of details about a person. They use compatibility tests that are designed by a team of psychologists to assess the levels fo compatibility with others.

Excellent customer care

The paid sites have a dedicated customer service team that provides all kinds of help to find your match. They use online chatting services or telephone inquiries to help the users.

Chance to attend dating events

You will find the chance to attend different online dating events by registering on a paid dating site. So, you get a chance to know the other members of the site and may be lucky to find your match.

Registering to a paid online dating site is an investment. You will get the opportunity to find your ideal partner. You will have a great overall dating experience by registering to a paid dating site.